Typical Calabrian Products

products typical Calabrian

Sales typical products. Through our E-commerce site you will find a genuine local products affordable price

typical Calabrian

Among the Calabrian specialties Tropea onion known as "Tropea red onion", such as meats and capocollo soppressata, the Calabrian famossissima nduja, liqueurs natural herbal like Vecchio Amaro del Capo

products Calabrian

E-commerce site specializing in the sale of specialty of Calabria. Products known gems but also unavailable for an original gift idea. In that count occasions such as Christmas pick le Gift baskets


the nduja is a (very often linked to the territory of Spilinga) whose main feature is from very spicy (thanks to Calabrian chili)

nduja Calabrian

The nduja is a Calabrian very often linked to the land of Spilinga, so much so that often comes with show the nickname 'nduja of Spilinga

selling handicrafts

With a few clicks you can get your house in order. Original products on Eterni Sapori di Calabria

Cheese typical Calabrian

Discover the cheeses of calabria

Calabrian salami

Calabria offers many products: capicollo, salami, soppressata, nduja. With our site we promote the sale of Calabrian salami on-line

Amaro Cape

, or more correctly " Vecchio Amaro Cape " produced by Calabrese Caffo . Now spread throughout the Italian territory, is a quality product much appreciated.

artisanal pasta

sale of Calabrian fusilli and macaroni and every other kind of craft Calabrian pasta.

meats dop

Salami protected designation of origin. Eternal Sapori di Calabria specializes in the sale and distribution of products typical Calabrian: Tropea red onion, extra virgin olive oil, Paté mushrooms, olives Paté, Calabrese chilli, 'nduja of Spilinga, pecorino cheese Monte Poro, etc.. The taste of Calabria on your table wines from the DOC and DOP unique taste.

oil biological

oil sales and organic extra virgin olive oil calabrese.Vendita of organic products (See bio products or organic food) . Typical products Calabrian now be purchased through our site easily and inexpensively. This site is dedicated to these products and disseminating biological sale

extra virgin olive oil

typical products Calabresi on the site may be shipped to Italy and abroad. Eternal flavors of Calabria takes care of marketing at national and international products typical Calabrian

typical italian products

The best of italy Products

Pecorino del Monte Poro

Listed among the traditional products of Calabria, pecorino del Monte Poro cheese is among the most 'of known region. The sweet and fresh flavor of this cheese is that it is one of the best pecorino south of Italy. The pecorino is very aromatic and slightly spicy when mature

oil sales

The extra virgin olive oil Calabrian brilliant as gold. The catalog is also the biological oil (see biological online)

Bomba Calabrese

Products pepper and the taste and smell of the earth only Calabria, where the ancient tradition and gastronomic culture have married the most modern techniques of manufacture of products. Craftsmanship associated with modern processing techniques result in unique flavors that makes the products Calabresi ideal for recipes by intense flavors and experiences that are unique to those who love cooking
Eterni Sapori di Calabria is responsible for the sale of cold cuts, pastries, cheeses, nougats, cold cuts, 'nduja, chilli, wine and handicrafts typical Calabrian. Buy our products online
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Singular jars
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    Product Name   Price+   Buy Now 
 Calabrian bomb Gr. 314   Calabrian bomb Gr. 314   $4.52  Buy Now 
 Diavolata Gr. 212   Diavolata Gr. 212   $4.52  Buy Now 
 Calabrian Viagra  Gr. 220   Calabrian Viagra Gr. 220   $4.58  Buy Now 
 Mousse Onion of Tropea Gr. 230   Mousse Onion of Tropea Gr. 230   $4.58  Buy Now 
 Bruschetta Tropeana Gr. 212   Bruschetta Tropeana Gr. 212   $5.05  Buy Now 
 "Stricata" Spicy Mix of Mushrooms and Vegetables ml 212   "Stricata" Spicy Mix of Mushrooms and Vegetables ml 212   $5.74  Buy Now 
 Fungata Silana spicy Gr. 212   Fungata Silana spicy Gr. 212   $5.74  Buy Now 
 Chillies stuffed with tuna Gr. 314   Chillies stuffed with tuna Gr. 314   $6.61  Buy Now 
 Roll's aubergine Gr. 314   Roll's aubergine Gr. 314   $6.61  Buy Now 
 Peperoni secchi con Nduja Gr. 480   Peperoni secchi con Nduja Gr. 480   $6.90  Buy Now 
 Pomodori secchi ripieni di nduja Gr. 480   Pomodori secchi ripieni di nduja Gr. 480   $6.90  Buy Now 
 Fagottini di pomodori "Tonno-Nduja" Gr. 314   Fagottini di pomodori "Tonno-Nduja" Gr. 314   $8.06  Buy Now 
 Artichokes with Tone fish and 'Nduja Gr. 314   Artichokes with Tone fish and 'Nduja Gr. 314   $8.64  Buy Now 
 Carciofi ripieni con tonno e peperoncino Gr. 314   Carciofi ripieni con tonno e peperoncino Gr. 314   $8.64  Buy Now 
 Cipolla di Tropea IGP ripiena con tonno e peperoncino Gr. 314   Cipolla di Tropea IGP ripiena con tonno e peperoncino Gr. 314   $8.70  Buy Now 
 Tropea's red onions with tone fish and 'nduja Gr. 314   Tropea's red onions with tone fish and 'nduja Gr. 314   $8.70  Buy Now 
 Red pepper with tune fish Gr. 580   Red pepper with tune fish Gr. 580   $10.32  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 17 (of 17 products) Result Pages:  1 
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